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Robotic-assisted hip replacement transformed life for Business Director

David Pepper, a Director of Business had hip issues which began when he was at yoga – he soon realised he could no longer stretch and move so easily. At Christmas 2018, 60-year-old David’s deterioration became more rapid - he could no longer run at the gym and he was not sleeping at night because of the extreme pain.

David went to his GP and initially tried physiotherapy which helped with his movement, but the bone grinding on bone was still extremely painful.

David decided to use his private medical insurance who recommended he saw Mr Rakesh Kucheria. David had an Xray which showed the extent of his osteoarthritis and confirmed the need for a new hip. At David’s consultation, Mr Kucheria shared the new technology recently available at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor – the MAKO robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery. This  would enable greater accuracy and positioning of his hip which could be done more quickly ensuring less pain, trauma and less chance of infection.

David said ”I had never heard of robotic assisted surgery, but I was completely open to it and thought it sounded really exciting.”

David continued “I was in hospital for three nights and the medical care was excellent. I was down to one crutch in two weeks, no crutches in five weeks and driving again with ease at six weeks. I would recommend the robotic-assisted surgery to anyone – the whole process was excellent. Mr Kucheria is refreshingly spot on and knows exactly what he is doing. He has made such a huge difference to my life which I can completely enjoy once again”.