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Patient success cycling to Paris after bilateral simultaneous knee replacement surgery

David Lodge, age 75, an avid cyclist from Crawley had been having problems with his knees over the past three years – with constant aches and pains. Although he could walk reasonably OK and cycling  wasn’t that bad - his legs just didn’t feel right. 

David was having a conversation with his  friend who recommended Mr Bourke as he had seen him himself for similar  problems. After an initial consultation and an X-ray showing the extremity of the osteoarthritis in both his knees, likely from general wear and tear over the years,  – Mr Bourke  said he would need to have bilateral knee replacements – otherwise it was likely he would be in a wheelchair within 18 months.

David had a choice – to have one knee done at a time which would likely extend to a two year process or halve the time by having bilateral simultaneous knee replacements – something Mr Bourke did in conjunction with Mr Kucheria - Mr Bourke being left handed and Mr Kucheria right handed  - an ideal combination.

“I made my choice after careful consideration on the drastic surgery.  I wanted the surgery done quickly with least disruption to my life - so I opted for bilateral simultaneous knee replacements, which the NHS could not offer ”

David had surgery on 31st October 2018 and was in hospital for six days. He had three physiotherapy sessions in total, taking ibuprofen two to three times a day and has been using an exercise bike to help with his recovery.

“I feel more positive regarding my future fitness  and I was thrilled to be able to cycle the 150-mile ride to Paris with my 73-year old brother – it was great to share such a moment with him. Thank you - Mr Bourke and Mr Kucheria for assuring my future mobility – and freedom.”