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Patient discharged five weeks after having robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery

Jackie Harris, an active 76-year-old  had robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery in early January 2020,  by Mr Henry Bourke at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor.

Jackie’s knee problems started in 1980 when she had a terrible car accident - her knees were severely injured. The accident coupled with a family history of arthritis meant that Jackie was likely to have knee problems ongoing – and she did.

Jackie needed to have her left knee replaced back in 2004 and then after a couple of knee arthroscopies on her right knee she knew she may have to give in and have surgery again.

Jackie said, “My knee was painful and had been constantly giving way due to arthritis going down slopes and steps and had started to go on the flat despite my trying to keep mobile with Pilates and regular walks.”

Jackie was referred to Mr Bourke by her previous consultant to have robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. Jackie continues, “As an ex-scientist, I was not nervous about having robotic-assisted surgery and I had heard about it. I had a knee replacement before which had gone very well, so I was keen to get my right knee done as soon as possible.”

Jackie had her surgery and after three days at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, she recuperated at the Lynden Hill Clinic in Maidenhead, which aided her speedy recovery. She had hydrotherapy every morning and physio every afternoon.

Jackie said ”My recovery has been amazing and after two weeks I no longer needed pain killers and at five weeks Mr Bourke was able to discharge me as my X-ray showed the knee was well healed and I was walking normally without sticks. Previously, I had also had my left knee operated on at Princess Margaret very successfully in 2004 but recovery was slower. I have been able to return to my Pilates and my voluntary work on Wednesdays at Amersham Hospital.”

And now four months on, Jackie says, “You would not even know I had surgery. I am walking as fast as anyone, doing Pilates and gardening once again. Mr Bourke is a brilliant surgeon and I can’t believe the operation has gone as well as it did. I would recommend anyone to go to Mr Bourke and have robotic-assisted surgery.”