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Patient back to work as driving instructor 8 weeks after robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery

Bill Bruce, from Winkfield was one of the first patients to have robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in August 2019.

Bill who is part of BA cabin crew and a driving instructor and lives locally in Winkfield with his wife had an accident in December 2017, outside his house and fell awkwardly. An ambulance was called, and they confirmed he had broken his hip. He had surgery at Frimley Park Hospital with three pins put into his hip. Initially, he seemed fine for the first eight months and then he started to get hip pain. His GP referred  him to see an Orthopaedic Consultant in the NHS. The reason why his hip was so painful, was that the bone was crumbling around his hip and the bone was wearing away so that bone was rubbing on bone. He went to see consultant Mr Seb Sturridge who then referred him on to Mr Kucheria who he said was performing pioneering surgery at PMH.

After a few weeks, Bill saw Mr Kucheria and had a CT scan which went into minute detail of his condition. Mr Kucheria then talked at length about the robotic assisted surgery – surgery he said could last 25 years and any future revisions could be repaired by keyhole surgery, minimising pain and intervention.

Bill had never heard of this robotic surgery and was quietly apprehensive about it, but his insurance company were covering the cost and it was pioneering surgery.

He said “I went into surgery with extreme back , leg and knee pain - and came out of surgery an hour and a quarter later completely free of pain. I was back on my feet the same day, was crutch free within three weeks, and almost walking without any discomfort after five weeks. The robotic surgery is great as it involves less invasive surgery and is done more quickly. As a result, there is less chance of infection, less pain and trauma, and it lasts double the length of time of a normal hip replacement."


Five weeks after the operation, Bill was driving and cycling again.

Bill concludes ‘Three months post-surgery, all is going well; I have been back at work for a month working long-haul flights to LA, twice to Chicago, Nairobi and now I'm in Toronto. I have no pain at all other than the sort of muscle pain you get on a ski holiday as your muscles rebuild. I highly recommend this surgery and Mr Kucheria.  My pain was relieved straightaway, and I can now enjoy my work, hobbies and life once again.”