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Clock repairer saves time by having a double knee replacement

It was only a matter of time before 61-year-old Bob Moir needed to have his hip and knees replaced. Bob, who lives in Dedworth, Windsor and runs his own clocks repair company, had a hip replacement first, then eight months later had both his knees replaced at the same time at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, which meant he could get back to work and to his hobbies quicker.

Bob had a bilateral simultaneous total knee replacement which means that both knees can be replaced in one hour, there’s less anaesthetic time which leads to a faster recovery. He said: “My daily work now requires standing for long periods of time and I was also in the police force for 30 years, and for some of this time I was a firearms instructor which required a degree of fitness. I think my work probably contributed to my hip and knee problems.”


When Bob had to stop ballroom dancing and going out on his boat because of the pain, he went to see his GP who referred him to Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon Mr Rakesh Kucheria. An X-ray and MRI scan showed Bob had osteoarthritis and Mr Kucheria advised he initially had a hip replacement.  “I could see that Bob was in a lot of pain from his hip and knees, but it was more urgent to get his hip sorted out,” said Mr Kucheria. “The operation was successful, but Bob was still having a lot of pain, particularly in one knee.”

Six months later and after struggling to even push a trolley around a supermarket, Bob went back to see Mr Kucheria. Following an MRI scan, it was agreed he would have a bilateral simultaneous total knee replacement performed by Mr Kucheria and his colleague Consultant Orthopaedic & Specialist Knee Surgeon Mr Henry Bourke. 
Mr Kucheria said: “Double knee replacements are usually done on different days and months apart. So, the patient has to go through major surgery and recovery twice. Alternatively, the replacements are done one after the other in a long operation. By operating at the same time for at the most 90 minutes, Mr Bourke and I can replace both knees in one go which means the patient takes less time to recover.”

Following a four-night stay in hospital and physiotherapy, Bob was back on his boat within six months. He said: “Being self-employed having both knees replaced at the same time completely made sense. It meant one hospital stay, one anaesthetic, one operation, one convalescence. I can now enjoy being free of pain and I am back on my boat – something I’ve so missed.”