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Back on the slopes six and a half months after a total hip replacement

Hugh Whittow and his wife Lesley had big plans after his retirement in March 2018, comprising a trip to the Austrian alps to see the spring flowers followed by a tour of the vineyards in Burgundy, a round-the-world trip involving a month in Australia and Christmas skiing with their three-year-old granddaughter and the family in France.

But their dreams seemed shattered early in April 2018, when sudden crippling pain in Hugh’s left hip reduced him to a shambling wreck. He tried physio which failed and when he overheard two of his oldest friends talking at a funeral saying he looked like an old man, he decided he needed to take immediate action.

A friend told Hugh about the top treatment he had received for a knee complaint at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. So, the following day, Hugh called Mr Kucheria’s secretary, booked an appointment and arranged the operation there and then.

Hugh said “Mr Kucheria’s office were so well organised - and they had self-pay packages which made things so much easier and I was able to book in a date of my choice.”

He continued “The whole procedure went according to plan. As soon as I came around from the local anaesthetic, the nursing staff followed Mr Kucheria’s example and were exceptional. All the hip pain and associated pains in my legs and back just vanished. Mr Kucheria had definitely looked after me.”

Hugh was walking on crutches within 24 hours, climbing stairs within 48 hours and after being given his vital physio instructions, he was discharged four days later.

Hugh said “For the first time in my life I did as I was told and did not take any short cuts with the physio exercises. I didn’t cheat once - and that was a major part of the success of the procedure.”

Four days later, Hugh felt strong enough to hobble to Royal Ascot on crutches for a bet and celebratory drink. His first 10 days of recovery were tough but certainly manageable; and by continuing the vital exercises he felt stronger by the day and had no pain whatsoever. 

Within a month Hugh was driving and after six and a half weeks walked the course and played his first game of golf with no after effects at all. He had missed the spring flower trip to Austria, but he was fit enough for their annual boating holiday in Wales in August and he walked around the Burgundy vineyards to again celebrate the successful operation.

The trip to Australia was pain free allowing them to take long beach and mountain walks and go swimming and sailing.

The big test was always going to be the Christmas ski holiday. Could Hugh still come down the mountain just six and a half months after the operation?

Hugh commented, ”I was a little tentative and a bit slower, but I had no problems. Well only one. My wife Lesley beat me down the slopes for the first time! But that was a small price to pay for all the pain I had gone through.  And thanks to brilliant Mr Kucheria and his superb team Lesley won’t be looking over her shoulder next year - I will be leading the way!


“In conclusion, Hugh said “it was the best £12,111 I have ever spent. Without doubt - It gave me my life back!”