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Testimonials - Knee

Lyn Sharman, age 65

Surgery: Total Knee Replacement, 2013 and April 2018

I wish to thank Mr Kucheria for giving me back the quality of my life I'm now able to lead.  After suffering years of pain, due to osteoarthritis, and following the knee replacements, I have been enjoying pastimes I love the most - playing with the grandchildren and walking my dog for miles each day without fear of any pain. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart Mr Kucheria.  


Christine Moore, age 71
Surgery: Left Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, July 2017

It is six months since I underwent knee surgery for osteonecrosis .... The pain I experienced vanished almost immediately and, thanks to Mr Bourke's skill and expertise of his physiotherapist, I was able to return to normal life after about six weeks. I now attend the gym three times a week and have resumed our walk along the South Downs Way.  In November, we completed a seventeen mile stretch over two days between Amberley and Falking.

Having been in discomfort for over a year, I had begun to think my active life might be coming to and end. Thanks to Mr Bourke's successful intervention that is patently not the case!

Dorothy Needham
Surgery: Total knee replacement (1) June 2016, Total Knee Replacement (2) January 2017, Total Hip Replacement May 2017

I have always tried to avoid doctors and hospitals, but my legs were so bad and crooked that I had to have them done or I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Mr Kucheria changed all that for me and I can now walk properly. I do use a stick  and am also doing some exercises to help strengthen my muscles.

Mr Kucheria operated on both my knees and also the hip on my right side. He is a lovely man and looked after me well during my stay in hospital. Had I known years ago how easy it all seemed I would have had them done before - so very many thanks to him.

Patrick Spilsbury, age 58
Surgery: Right Knee Replacement January 2017 and Left Knee Replacement May 2017 

I had been suffering with my knees for many years and it was decided I would have my knee replacements done one at a time. I had a stress-free stay in hospital with each knee due to Mr Bourke being an extremely skilled surgeon with an efficient team behind him. Mr Bourke is a true gentleman with an exemplary bedside manner and I would recommend him to anyone.

Doris-Ann Williams
Surgery: Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, January 2017

Mr Bourke has performed medial unicompartmental replacements on  both knees - he is a skilled and empathetic surgeon who has given me a new lease of life, moving without pain. I was even able to return to riding my horse six weeks after each procedure.