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Robert Moir, age 61
Surgery: Total Hip Replacement, May 2017 and Bilateral Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement, January 2018

I was experiencing pain in my left hip, my left leg was bowed and painful and my right knee was painful as well, impacting quite heavily on my lifestyle.

In May 2017, phase one started with a total hip replacement. Mr Kucheria's team were marvellous and reassured me throughout the entire process. After the operation, I was much more mobile and pain free in a very short period of time.

In January 2018, phase two resulted in a simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement, Being self-employed, the thought of one period of hospitalisation and convalescence appealed to me. The operation went well, aided by Mr Bourke who did my left knee whilst Mr Kucheria simultaneously did my right knee.  Again, total success, a speedy recovery and a straight leg in the process!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kucheria and his team to any future patients. Before the operations, holidays were seriously impacted by the pain, and day to day life was affected as well. My life has been turned around. Thank you. 

Lyn Sharman, age 65

Surgery: Total Knee Replacement, 2013 and April 2018

I wish to thank Mr Kucheria for giving me back the quality of my life I'm now able to lead.  After suffering years of pain, due to osteoarthritis, and following the knee replacements, I have been enjoying pastimes I love the most - playing with the grandchildren and walking my dog for miles each day without fear of any pain. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart Mr Kucheria.  


Chris Gore, age 58

Surgery: Bilateral Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement, December 2017

I am a farmer and my job entails me standing on  concrete floor around a live cattle auction ring everyday, whilst buying livestock, so coupled with the heavy work which farming demands and after years of playing sport in my younger days, my knees had become extremely painful and had started to deteriorate. The pain increased over the years and I was struggling to walk without limping. Being self-employed, I could not entertain having weeks, possibly months off work to recover. So I decided to have surgery.

Now, my work life is so much easier, and I even walked up the steps to Edinburgh Castle and down again this Summer without a thought, something I could never have done less than a year ago. 

I would fully recommend Mr Bourke to anyone - his professional manner and expertise has given me a new lease of life with minimal disruption and recovery time.


Paul Bayley, age 61

Surgery: Bilateral Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement, December 2017

I have had many operations on both my knees over the years and on consulting, Mr Bourke explained the  only option available was to have bilateral total knee replacement on both knees. The operation went very well with little pain or swelling post-operation. I have been very careful to follow all the advice given to me both by Mr Bourke and my Physiotherapist and after 6 weeks I am doing very well and walking with ease.

I am really pleased that I had both knees replaced at the same time.

Christine Moore, age 71

Surgery: Left Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, July 2017

It is six months since I underwent knee surgery for osteonecrosis .... The pain I experienced vanished almost immediately and, thanks to Mr Bourke's skill and expertise of his physiotherapist, I was able to return to normal life after about six weeks. I now attend the gym three times a week and have resumed our walk along the South Downs Way.  In November, we completed a seventeen mile stretch over two days between Amberley and Falking.

Having been in discomfort for over a year, I had begun to think my active life might be coming to and end. Thanks to Mr Bourke's successful intervention that is patently not the case!


Joan Dawson, age 69

Surgery: Bilateral Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement, June 2017

Having been in severe knee pain for several years and tried many forms of physio, I realised I had to succumb to surgery.

I had heard of bilateral total knee replacement, so was very pleased when Mr Kucheria recommended it. It meant one operation, one period of hospitalisation and one recovery period. After two weeks, I was walking without crutches and after six weeks was driving again, back to Pilates classes and best of all, pain free.

Mr Kucheria came highly recommended to me, which was why I chose him, and he did not disappoint. Together with Mr Bourke they make a formidable team.

I am seven months down the line now and wonder why I waited so long to have this operation done.


Dorothy Needham

Surgery: Total knee replacement (1) June 2016, Total Knee Replacement (2) January 2017, Total Hip Replacement May 2017

I have always tried to avoid doctors and hospitals, but my legs were so bad and crooked that I had to have them done or I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Mr Kucheria changed all that for me and I can now walk properly. I do use a stick  and am also doing some exercises to help strengthen my muscles.

Mr Kucheria operated on both my knees and also the hip on my right side. He is a lovely man and looked after me well during my stay in hospital. Had I known years ago how easy it all seemed I would have had them done before - so very many thanks to him.

Patrick Spilsbury, age 58

Surgery: Right Knee Replacement January 2017 and Left Knee Replacement May 2017 

I had been suffering with my knees for many years and it was decided I would have my knee replacements done one at a time. I had a stress free stay in hospital with each knee due to Mr Bourke being an extremely skilled surgeon with an efficient team behind him. Mr Bourke is a true gentleman with an exemplary bedside manner and I would recommend him to anyone.


Anthony  Cameron, age 67

Surgery: Left Hip March 2016 and Right Hip March 2017

I was in great pain with my left hip after many years of climbing ladders in the building game. The X-ray showed there was no cartilage left so it was bone on bone. The right hip showed up on the X-ray as it had more arthritis than the left but still had some cartilage, so it was not painful.  The first operation went fantastically well - I was driving within three weeks as I have an automatic car. The second hip a year later went just as smoothly. Mr Kucheria had to lengthen the leg a small bit this time, so it took a little longer before I could drive, because of having to operate the brake pedal.

 I cannot thank Mr Kucheria, his team and all the staff at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital enough - they were all fantastic. I have recommended Mr Kucheria to several of my friends andcolleagues and all I can say is, if anyone need hip surgery this is the man to do it!


Doris-Ann Williams

Surgery: Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, January 2017

Mr Bourke has performed medial unicompartmental replacements on  both knees - he is a skilled and empathetic surgeon who has given me a new lease of life, moving without pain. I was even able to return to riding my horse six weeks after each procedure.


Diane Plowman, age 72

Surgery: Bilateral Total Knee Replacement, September 2016

I was in severe pain and went to see my GP who referred me for an X-ray. As the NHS had a very long waiting list and I had no private medical insurance, with the help of my family I was able to go down the private (self-pay) route - whereby my daughter was able to arrange a rapid appointment with Mr Kucheria, Seven months (post-surgery), I am doing well walking more each day and taking part in aqua-aerobics. My dancing is still on hold but I intend to start again in a month or so. I am very grateful to Mr Kucheria and Mr Bourke for giving me back my independence.


Lynda Martin

Surgery: Hip Replacement

Thank you Mr Kucheria for giving me back my left hip and mobility. I went to my first Zumba class yesterday, and the realisation that I could now fully stretch my quadriceps in my left leg absolutely amazed me, because I could not do that before the operation. 

I can't thank you enough. I don't like to talk in cliches, but it has completely changed my life for the better and I can now completely go back to being an old teenager.

Martin Walsh, age 58

Surgery: Bilateral Knee Replacement, June 2016

In my case the double knee replacements have proved to be a fantastic success, approximately eight weeks on from surgery I am now back walking normally, cycling and exercising again without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. 

I would certainly recommend the double procedure for fast recovery, minimal inconvenience and excellent post-op care at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital.

Female, age 70

Surgery: Bilateral Knee Replacement, November 2016

Both my knees had been very painful for many months and I was able to walk only with a stick.  Getting up and down stairs was difficult and painful and I certainly couldn’t go for the long walks I enjoy.  I knew that I needed two knee replacements but I really wasn’t happy with the thought of two operations.  I was very pleased therefore when Mr Kucheria offered me bilateral knee replacements.  Mr Kucheria is a charming, intelligent man.  He took the time and trouble to answer all my questions and to explain the details of the surgery. 

Mr Kucheria did the replacement in my right knee and Mr Bourke did the one in my left knee.  The operation went well as did the recovery.  Now, four months later I can once again walk without pain.  I can get up and down stairs easily, I can walk two miles comfortably and am gradually increasing the length of my walks.   I am delighted with my new ‘knees’ and know that I made the right decision in having this operation.  I would not hesitate to recommend Messrs Kucheria and Bourke to anyone who needs knee replacements.


Patsy Hastings, age 54

Surgery: Left total hip replacement, 2015

My symptoms started with a dull ache in the groin and was particularly severe at night-time. I was physically fit and well at the time - gyming four times a week, sailing, enjoying long  cycle rides at weekends - there were no other symptoms. 

I was diagnosed in the May 2015 and surgery was carried out in October 2015. I had an excellent epidural and light anaesthetic given by Dr Stapleton. My recovery was uneventful and I was given excellent care by Mr Kucheria and all the staff at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital during my stay. My mobility within 4-6 weeks was excellent and I was free of any pain.  I now do reform Pilates twice a week to keep my hips flexible. 

Since my operation I have recommended Mr Kucheria to many people who have asked my advice.

Carolyn Edge, age 58

Surgery: Hip Replacement, 2013

The operation was done with an epidural and slight sedation and within hours of the epidural wearing off I was standing upright and walking. It was incredible - no more pain. 

I am now able to enjoy playing tennis and sailing again. I would recommend Mr Kucheria and his team for their knowledge and expertise and thank them for the superb treatment I received.